catching up: 2007 Perseid meteor shower

26 12 2008

Let’s go back in time a bit, to August 2007’s Perseid meteor shower. Some friends and I camped out in Yosemite’s Tuolomne Meadow to watch the meteor shower. I rented a spare camera and had all kinds of complicated setups shooting continuous 30-second wide-angle exposures of the sky, hoping to catch the meteors. And it worked, I caught quite a few in individual frames. The skies were spectacularly clear, the stars bright, and the meteors were pretty impressive to the naked eye. Unfortunately the wide angle lens is a cruel mistress, and few of the meteors are very impressive in the final picture. As usual, the ordinary starfield landscapes came out the best:

This was the best of the meteors, visible in the upper right:

The rest are here. You might want to play “where’s the meteor” in #11-16…



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