I’m back!

15 07 2012

I’ve let this blog sit idle for way too long.  I’m travelling again, this time in Ecuador and, later, Colombia.  At the moment I’m in Quito, the ancient capital city.  Planning to start Spanish lessons with a private tutor tomorrow!  I’m really looking forward to being able to communicate better.  Tons of photos here:


New photos will go in the same gallery, and I’ll post a link here that starts with the newest batch.

So about Ecuador.  It can be rather expensive in Quito – nearly US prices in the tourist/business professional neighborhood called La Mariscal.  I started out there, and fell in love with the really vibrant street art and murals in the area:

However the drinking/party culture there (both Ecuadorians and gringos) isn’t really my style, so now I’m in a hostel in Old Town.  And when I say old, I mean really old.  Many buildings and plazas date to the 1500s (though often rebuilt/renovated after earthquakes).  Lots more photos of this area coming (upload is extremely slow here).

There is a nervous vibe here about crime against foreigners.  Everyone I’ve met has a story around a robbery that happened to them or someone they met.  My current hostel has armed security 24/7.  Police and army are EVERYWHERE in Old Town, and any place important elsewhere (banks, hotels, nicer restaurants, even parking lots) has armed private security, usually wearing bulletproof vests.  Quito really has a lot going for it, particularly the UNESCO-protected Old Town, ESPECIALLY on Sunday when it seems that every local family is out strolling, watching bands play, eating ice cream, hanging out in the plazas.  But that edge of being on guard all the time will get old soon.



2 responses

15 07 2012

It’s so nice to read some narrative about where you are! Keep the blog posts coming, if you can.

22 07 2012
Peter Goetz

Andy, it’s great you’re back on the air! Keep it coming! – Peter

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