Who am I –

Good question. I’ll let you know when I figure it out myself. In the meantime, I’m trying to make a living in photography. Other times I’m a mechanical engineer. Stay tuned, and see http://www.andyradin.com for the details up until now.

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11 04 2008
Tamarind Rossetti

Hi Andy.
Great photos! I was looking on the web for photos of the Reflecting Pool at Alhambra and came across your work. I’d love to see more, if they are available to view. I am a painter and am working on a piece using this pool and probably the architecture around it…

Please let me know what possibility is of using some of your photos for reference.

You can check out some of my work at:


17 06 2008
AJ Guajardo

hi andy,

i tell you your pictures are beautiful. i mean i could almost feel like i am there in far away places …but , anyway take care …

27 09 2008
Jordan Wiley

Hi Andy! Amazing photos! Strong work and it’s obvious your photography stands out. I’m curious regarding your travels. I’ll be in Bali in a few weeks and then wanting to go to Borneo afterward. Any travel advice? I love photography as well (though not quite as talented as you) and I want to find out about getting around in the area.

Thanks in advance for any info you’re able to provide!



9 03 2009
alicia Messa

I am curious if you are in the San Francisco area…my sister is getting married there in November. Please let me know how to get ahold of you if you are interested in possibly photographing a wedding in the city.


10 06 2010

I absolutely love your work. 🙂

31 05 2013
Jules Winckles

Hi Andy,

Claire has recently found your link, and we love your Burma photos. Nice to see that we were included in some of them 🙂 We had a great day visiting the monastery and Mt Popa with you guys, enjoying your company and the sights. Hope you are still enjoying your travels!

With kind regards,

Jules Winckles

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