Picture follow-up

22 03 2008


Indian tailors

House your foreign workers… A glimpse into the issues faced in Singapore

In the Muslim sector of Singapore

In the botanical gardens


Believe it or not, this is where your tires come from. Strip a bit of bark, collect the latex sap in half a coconut, sell it to Goodyear.

Lots of things that bite, sting, pierce, or prick you in the jungle

Our guide preparing pineapple for lunch. Washed in the creek (haven’t gotten sick yet…) If you haven’t been in the tropics in Asia, you simply have no idea how pineapple is supposed to taste. Sweet like sugar, tender like oranges, melts on your tongue, no fiber, no chewy bits, no sour. Unbelievable.

First glimpse of orangutans in the jungle. Some of these are wild, some have lived in captivity and are readjusting to the wild here. All are accustomed to the presence of humans, so are comfortable near us and sometimes very curious.


and baby.

Mmmm twigs. This one is a wild juvenile.

Yummy twigs, thumbs up

Having a bath at the campsite in the forest. Quite luxurious – soap, running water…

…just a few giant lizards hanging around looking for scraps.

Six of us backpackers at the campsite, sharing a family-style meal with seven Indonesian dishes

Then playing Uno by candlelight.

The next day, at the public feeding – much more of a tourist affair than multi-day bone-drenching treks in the jungle. Food is provided for any orangutan who wants it, however the constant diet of bananas and powdered milk is considered very bland – only recent arrivals and some nursing mothers are interested.

Leaving town. Kids here are extremely friendly and playful. The adults some of them will grow up into, however, seem to know no other way than to follow, harass, and prey on tourists. Travel in this part of Sumatra is very frustrating for a foreigner.

There are garbage cans in some places, however no one will come around to take it somewhere so there’s little point. Most trash ends up being burned in big piles, or just left to wash away in the rain.
Plenty more photos in the gallery. Note that many are out of chronological order, as I was shooting with two different cameras and arranging the photos in the gallery seems to take years. Most of the close-ups of animals were taken around 200mm + 1.4x extender on a 1.6x camera, effective focal length 450mm. I was often 30-50 feet away, though at times I was much closer.

Thanks for the emails last time, it’s nice to hear from everyone.  My next stop will probably not have internet access, so it may be a week until you hear from me again.  Nothing to worry about, this part of Indonesia (Sulawesi and Maluku) is very quiet and peaceful.

Best,  Andy



5 responses

22 03 2008
mike mcallen

Awesome pictures and thanks for sharing your trip!

23 03 2008
Michelle Desilets

Your photos of the orangutans are superb.
Maybe you would like to submit one for auction in our next fundraiser for orangutans?
You will see some of the art and photography that we have offered in the past here: http://www.savetheorangutan.co.uk/?page_id=626
and from one of our events here:
Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation UK

26 03 2008

It is fantastic to share your “on-the-go” story!! Your “no pictures” post was wonderful too. Your writing gave a real sense of the frustrations and joy of adventure travel. I love hearing from you and seeing all your pictures. The animal shots (human or not) are incredible.

The condo is now yellow (with 2 green rooms) and has suddenly started to feel like it’s mine. The kitchen cabinets should finish going up this week and the bamboo flooring started sometime next week. There may even be lights soon.

Be Safe (mostly)
Love always, Mom

30 03 2008

Fantastic shots man!

2 04 2008

Long time no talk. I just heard you’re currently traveling. Glad you’re posting on the blog! I can travel vicariously through you 🙂

Be safe. See you soon.

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