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3 03 2008

Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur wears out rather quickly, to be honest.  It has an aspect a bit like Las Vegas, in a way – everything brand new, a great deal of concern about being the biggest (world’s tallest flagpole, [formerly] tallest buildings, world’s largest free-flight aviary, etc.), and everything hinting at being an imitation of something else.  Lots of effort into making truly gargantuan malls and shopping zones, yet the streets run like rivers with every afternoon’s tropical thunderstorm.  And let me tell you, the sight of thousands of rats evacuating the sewers in unison when the thunder starts pealing out is a litle unsettling.

However it’s good spot to shop for all the things that didn’t turn up in a last-minute frantic packing job.  The food is great and cheap, and sitting at the base of the Petronas Towers is truly humbling.  The brain cannot comprehend the scale of them, and there’s something about the powerful spotlights illuminating the low-hanging clouds that exaggerates that even further.

So now I’m in Georgetown, on Penang Island in the north of peninsular Malaysia.  It’s an old British colony town, filled with the crumbling mansions of eighteenth-century Chinese shipping magnates.  In the town’s Little India tonight (every Malaysian town has one, settled by South Indian Muslims fleeing various pogroms) I recorded the most amazing mashup of Indian classical music, Malay pop, and Bollywood musicals blasting from half a dozen competing CD/DVD stores on the same corner (all bootlegs, of course – apparently Malaysia is the world’s copyright piracy capital).

The photography has gone well, despite torrential rain every afternoon.  However posting photos remains a problem – if anyone can suggest a blog that will let me upload pictures in batches (this wordpress blog can only upload one at a time, which is simply not going to work), resize automatically and restrict the expanded-view size to considerably less that original full size, then I’ll move this over…  As it is, the only option I see is to upload to a dedicated photo site, edit the photos there, then cut and paste image links over here.  That’s a little more fussy than I’d like, given the infrequency of my internet usage over here.  We’ll see.



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3 03 2008

Okay, the rats? Um. Wow. I’d like to see video of that.

I had the same Vegas-like reaction when I went to the Great Wall; it was impressive and interesting, but seemed a bit fake the way it was reconstructed.

You might try flickr for the photos. I don’t know much about it, but I’ve heard good things. I’d like to see your rain photos.

Have fun in Georgetown!

3 03 2008

Hey Andy! You could try blogger for a multiple photo upload… otherwise, I think every blog out there has some kind of flickr plugin which will display your latest photos in a sidebar (you can also feed them into every social networking site on the planet), but that might be more work than you feel like doing. If you shell out $25 or so I think you get unlimited bandwidth though, which might be useful for your situation.

How’s the malay pop compared to huayno?

4 03 2008


bagaimana adalah kamu ? bagaimana adalah kamu ? Me, well I’m fine. Except I crashed the M3. Totaled I think. (sigh) Are those towers fo’ real? Holy retina-burning eyesore batman! And glad to hear the recorder is coming in handy. That music sounds like a sonic heaven.

How’s the kit? Light enough I hope. Can’t wait to see more photos and to see where you’re headed. I’ve been working like a sea turtle over here, building up comp time for summer adventures/migrations. In the meantime, I will live vicariously. Just jokign about the car by the way. Still smiling whenever I drive it.

4 03 2008


The photo you were able to upload is fantastic. Just don’t pull a Michael Rockefeller and get eaten by cannibals. Oh wait – that was New Guinea.


4 03 2008

PS: Wait until I tell Pat about the rats.

4 03 2008

Maybe you can use smugmug as a blog. Then it can be mostly photos. Just make each written post a caption (or a comment, if that’s easier). You still may want to email us or post a link here so we know you’ve updated!

Re: flickr, be careful: Wendy’s friend made The Museum of Foreign Food on flickr, which generated lively and interesting discussion…then after some years he clicked a link in a spam flickr comment and it unleashed a virus which caused flickr to shut down his site. his stuff was irretrievably deleted (he had backups of the pictures but not of the whole comments/discussion). so, if you use flickr, back up your pics and don’t let our comments get too exciting…or don’t click unknown links!

5 03 2008

Hey Andy, I can give you an account on my photo gallery on tailslide if you want, let me know. I’ve got at least 200gigs of space if not much more then you can link to them from wherever.

7 03 2008

Hi Andy,
What a fantastic picture. Even if you can only upload one at a time, what a gift for all of us. Continue to have a great time. Love Mom

9 03 2008

Glad you moved on before their elections. From what I’ve seen on BBC news it’s been rather tense in Kuala Lumpur.

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