How The Summer Was Spent, Part I

26 12 2008

Well, I sort of left things hanging back in May with my last Indonesia post, didn’t I? I got home after all, but took quite a long time to recover from jetlag. For some reason going west across the dateline is very easy to adjust to. Coming back east was devastating. It took three full weeks before I stopped having severe narcolepsy in the afternoons (i.e. dead of the night, Indonesia time).

Much delayed photos from Gili Trawangan, Indonesia, last stop on my southeast Asia trip, way back at the end of May:

Then it was on to my aunt Peggy’s wedding in New Mexico in early June.

Spent a few days exploring New Mexico that week with my cousin Wayland and my friend Meredith. This was all new territory for me:

More coming soon.



One response

10 08 2010
sandi berg

What r u going to create next?
Do u have any pictures of the amazon in Brazil?

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